Below we’ve compiled a small handful of the numerous acclamations we’ve received from program participants. Please feel free to read how Franklin’s Opus is making a difference, while continuing to promote the teaching of substantive American history to students from kindergarten and on through adulthood

“Our teachers have increased not only their content knowledge through the colloquiums, but also their pedagogical skills.”

Karen Schmitten

“I want to thank you guys for reigniting the spark to teach.”

Kyle Wylie, Kern County, CA

“You really brought history to life and made it so interesting. I cannot wait to start using some of the techniques you showed and told us about today.”

Rick Weisss

“The time spent at the colloquiums is some of the best instruction I have received in American History.”

Randy Cranston

“The professors were some of the most interesting speakers I have ever had the pleasure to hear.”

Margaret McKee

“Their presentations are of the highest quality and they openly facilitate and invite stimulating discussions on an array of issues and topics.”

Joe Refinski