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  • Historical significance in the classroom


    So many students approach the study of history as a seemingly endless series of facts to memorize rather than as a set of problems to be explored, often with no clear resolution or “correct” answer.  Critical to this problem based approach is developing an understanding of the process historians use to determine what information, documents and […]

  • A Need For Meaningful Assessment


    The news is not surprising to educators who have been intimately involved with the testing piece of the No Child Left Behind legislation.  It seems that young people are entering the work force with no problem solving or critical thinking skills.  However, they do know how to test, if only this was a skill they […]

  • Historical Perspective and the Common Core


    Understanding author perspective or point of view is a critical skill for reading and thinking like an historian.  The Common Core State Standards’ integration of knowledge and ideas sub-category focuses on student analysis of perspective within and across sources.  Students often view history as an objective subject- filled with facts that are undisputed or closed […]