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Franklin’s Opus has long provided Professional Development for Social Studies teachers throughout the United States. Independent evaluations have clearly demonstrated that our programs impressively increased teacher content knowledge and subsequently increased student achievement in the classroom at similarly impressive levels. We have also engaged in a number of programs for students, such as an international Heroes Contest and a Capital Forum program for students in New Jersey.

The Board of Directors have decided to expand Franklin’ Opus outreach to writing grants and providing services in other disciplines. Franklin’s Opus’ inspiration comes from Benjamin Franklin, a truly renaissance man of the Enlightenment Era. Franklin’s Opus more expanded mission will include programs in other disciplines such as English Language Arts and Reading as the foundation of all other disciplines. The ability to read is paramount for students to begin to study their history, culture, and the civic duties of a responsible American citizen. Reading is also critical for students comprehend science and even mathematics. In order for a student to become a truly productive and contributing member of modern American society, he or she must be able to read at a proficient level.

Franklin’s Opus, or Franklin’s work, must continue to enable all Americans students to learn how contribute to American society. In order for the American experiment to successfully continue, students must be able to read to understand the issues and challenges our nation faces. They must be able to compete with people all over the world in the new global economy to contribute to this noble experiment.

Franklin’s Opus also believes that in order for students to become productive members of our American nation, they must be healthy, active members of society. Research shows that healthy, active students perform much better in the classroom and are much more likely to have optimistic outlooks on the future, and less likely to drop out of school. We look to help teachers and schools serve the whole child, body, mind, and spirit, not just the intellect.

With our new emphasis on the whole child, Franklin’s Opus will provide teacher and student programs, grant writing outreaches, and publications to help ready our PreK-12 citizens for a successful college career and/or occupational career. Just as the eclectic American Founder from Philadelphia had an insatiable appetite for knowledge and an unquenchable curiosity that allowed him to rise from a printer’s apprentice in Boston to the most celebrated man of the 18th century British Empire, American students must be given the opportunity to find purpose in education to quench their curiosities, and to rise to the heights of Franklin’s illustrious legacy.


Orlando M. Rivera, J.D.


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